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Thread: 54G Corner Reef, running system with livestock

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    Fish sale pending.

    I've broken down the system. The tank, stand, hood, equipment, rock, and sand are being cleaned and prepped.
    Anyone interested in setting up a 54G corner tank let me know.

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    So is equipment and fish are left ? How much for evertying?

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    Fish, coral and cleaning crew have all moved on.
    All of the hardware, live rock and sand are still available. The live rock is "cooking", being kept in heated, circulating water but no light.

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    By any chance, do you still have the 54 corner bow set up for sale?
    Half the fun is creating and building it!
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    The aquarium and remaining equipment sold a few weeks ago. Thanks everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FragileHippie View Post
    Coral sold, except or some red mushroom that wouldn't let go.

    Fish are still available.
    price of tank without the livestock?

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