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Thread: Can't Seem to Remove Nitrate

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    Can't Seem to Remove Nitrate

    I was hoping for some new ideas here, for a problem I have been having. It doesnt seem to make much sense. I went out of town and had somebody watching the tank for a month, they were trained for the most part on what to do (limited only by my knowledge). When I returned, I tested my nitrates and they were around 60 ppm. Not Ok... I checked the tank for anything dead. Couldn't find anything. So I came up with plan A. Which was to upgrade cleanup crew, cut my feeding in half, tore apart and cleaned my skimmer, started using filter socks cleaning them twice a week, and "rigged up" a cheato refugium.

    Another month and a half went by like that and no real noticeable results. Removed the refugium (for other issues), cut feeding in half again. 15 more snails as the crabs killed them, got more filter socks replacing daily or as much as possible. Water changes are now at 15-20% a week, no refugium, filter socks daily, low feeding.

    My bioload could be so much more than it is. I have a zebra moray. A "teenager" clown ~1.25", a diamond goby, a BTA, a few coral colonies, ~20 snails trocius, 4 red legged hermits, a pincushion, 5-10 nassarius snails and I think that's it. The current nitrate levels are 50 PPM and Im using the API master Reef kit to test. And I almost forgot I bought a new test kit to rule out something wrong with the batch.

    If anybody has any idea on how to lower this or where it may be coming from please let me know. I'm stressed about it everytime I even look at my tank

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    Welcome Mike.

    Few questions:
    What size tank?
    Are you doing fish only, coral (softies, LPS, SPS?)

    First I would start of simple and do a series of larger water changes. I would do a 20-35% water change every week for a month. Are you using RODI water?

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    Hey Mike, welcome.

    Another question, what is your source water for your water changes? Do you use RO/DI?

    i would suggest to take a sample into LFS and see what suggestions they have as well.

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