Premium Aquatics is OPEN this Saturday 8/18/18 from 12pm to 3pm!! We have some amazing fishy friends once again this weekend, so check out this list with prices below. Click on the link for the full availability as this is just a snapshot of the eye candy in stock this weekend. We also brought in some great LPS like rainbow acans, brain corals, and even a cool doughnut button coral! Don't forget to check out the new $10 coral frags we brought in. There are some great finds in there for sure. Everything is priced to sell Saturday, so head down from 12pm to 3pm and take advantage of the savings.

Powder Brown $49.99
Sailfin $24.99
Tomini Tang $39.99
Yellow Tangs $39.99
Purple Tang $99.99
Orange Stripe Bristletooth $34.99
Powder Blue $49.99

Bicolor Angel - $22.99
Imperator Angel $79.99
Coral Beauties $27.99
Cream Angel $52.99
Flame Angels $39.99
Flameback Angel $39.99

Gobies Blennies
Yellow Watchman $14.99 Lawn Mower Blennies $9.99
Greensided Jawfish - Rare $29.99 Tailspot Blennies $9.99
Black Cap Jawfish $24.99 Midas Blenny $25.99
Tangaroa Goby $19.99 Pictus Blenny $34.99
Starry Blenny $14.99

New Inverts
Peppermint Shrimp
Dolabella Sea Hare
Red Brittle Starfish
Pincushion Urchins
African Red Tip Starfish
Cortez Starfish

We hope to see you this Saturday 8/18/18 from 12pm to 3pm. Don't forget we will be closed next Saturday 8/25 so stock up this weekend and save big from our amazing list of livestock this Saturday. There are tons of deals in the warehouse and livestock room on dry goods too. Salt, sand, test kits, LED's and everything in between can be had at major discounts. Pick out that special something and buy yourself something swimming with your savings!