Indiana has finally gotten some much deserved rain this week, but that hasn't stopped Premium Aquatics from stocking up this week! We have some awesome livestock pouring in this week from corals to fish and everything in between. Premium has brought in Australian and Tongan corals to fill up our aquariums and are passing some great savings on to our favorite reefers. Check out a few of the highlights below before we open the flood gates back up this Saturday 6/23 from 12pm to 3pm!

New Arrivals - WOW!!
Australian Corals - Blastos, Acans, Brains
Tongan Corals - Mushrooms and Zoas (SPECIAL PRICES)
Watermelon Anenome
Metallic Green Carpet Anenome
Radiant Wrasse
Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse
Yellow Blotch Rabbitfish
Midas Blenny
Pictus Blenny
Pinkbar Goby
Falco Hawk
Whitetail Dottyback
Rock Beauty Angelfish
Clean up crew

Doorbusters and Super Specials
Bicolor Blennies only $9.99
Purple Dottybacks only $9.99
2 Spot Blenny only $9.99
Yellow Tangs on Super Special for $33
Flame Angels on Super Special for $39
Medium Clown Trigger on Super Special for $69.99
Premium also has great deals on in stock tanks and lots of ways to save in the warehouse. Check out the link below and swap out that noisy pump or old heater while saving some reefing funds!

We hope to see you this Saturday, rain or shine! Our hours 6/23/18 will be from 12pm to 3pm!

If you are looking to save on other products as well, check out the sale and clearance items we have available in our warehouse. You can easily start up a whole new reef system with lots of savings by clicking the link below.

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