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Summer Price Drop on Single WAV and WAV Starter Kits!
As a summer promotion, we are offering a price drop on the WAV and WAV Starter Kit. These prices are in effect until Midnight 7/31/2018

DVH Media Cup for 4" Filter Sock Holder
DVH Aquatics Media Cups. The DVH Aquatics Media Cups can replace the 10cm / 4 inch filtersocks and can be used as a pre-filter / powerfilter by placing filterfloss or media pads inside. Or you can insert your favorite filtermedia like GFO or Activated Carbon placed in a mediabag and place it inside the DVH Aquatics Media Cup.

20% OFF
Aquaforest Salt, Additives and Test Kits
The Entire line of Aquaforest is 20% off. Sale ends Midnight June 30th.

20% OFF All Salifert Test Kits, Salinity Fluid and Flatworm eXit

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Bashsea Signature Series
Signature Sumps and ATO's all 12% off.

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Aquaticlife WiFi Reno RGBW LEDs
Full spectrum RGB LED's allows for total customization of colors over the aquarium. Fish only LED or supplement.

10% OFF 2017 Waterbox Tanks & Stands
Save 10% On that new tank, limited to stock on hand.