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Thread: 210 Reef Ready Full Setup

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    210 Reef Ready Full Setup

    Selling my full setup,*Currently up and running. It is a 210 gallon display tank with dual corner overflows, 60 gallon sump, 40 gallon display refugium and 20 gallon RO/DI reservoir. Display tank is 7'x2'x2' with a floating canopy. Comes with 3 250watt MH lights as well as 3 165 watt LED black boxes. Tank is drilled for corner overflows and corner returns. Also drilled for for a closed loop system but I have a cap on those bulk heads. The sump is drilled and running an external return pump that is split for the returns as well as running to a 1/2HP Chiller. Sump is also drilled for an external skimmer but that is capped as well. Has an internal Skimz 201 skimmer in it. Also has a 500 watt titanium heater and a Jabeo return pump for the return on the display refugium. The display refugium is a 40 gallon breeder that is drilled for an overflow but the return is run over the side. Comes with about 200+ pounds of live sand and 250+ pounds of live rock. Powerhead is an icecap Gyre 3k. RO/DI reservoir is a 20 gallon tank with auto top off system. Livestock is a pair of clownfish, yellow Tang, wrasse, purple firefish, banded coral shrimp, arrow crab, cleaner shrimp and a 10" snowflake eel. Also have some coral including a bracket all size cabbage leather. Asking $3500 OBO. Would prefer not to part out. Would consider trade for a cube tank as well as cash, trying to downgrade to get more room in the house.IMG_20180613_200518661.jpgIMG_20180613_200524103.jpgIMG_20180613_200534802.jpgIMG_20180613_200558760.jpgIMG_20180613_200640151.jpgIMG_20180613_200756854.jpgIMG_20180613_200850006.jpgIMG_20180613_200855266.jpg

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    Price Drop $3300

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