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Thread: Glass/Acrylic Shop Question

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    Glass/Acrylic Shop Question

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to finish up my sump and need to create a section for my filter socks. I've cracked three acrylic sheets trying to put 2, 3.75" holes in them (ugg). I called three glass and sign shops yesterday to see if they could cut them for me, but they all say they can't cut holes. Do you guys know of a place that will cut glass or acrylic around here? I'm in Anderson Township but can go wherever.

    Thank you for any help!

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    What kind of hole saw where you using when they cracked? A diamond hole saw should work ok for glass or acrylic. I think some fish stores in town might drill them for you but not sure of the cost.

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    Put masking tape over the area you are trying to drill and go slow. Let the hole saw do the work.

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    Thanks everybody. So far I've tried a router, an unknown type of hole saw fitting (was told it was general purpose), a hole cutter from a craft store, and even trying to drill 100 small holes around the circumference and breaking it out. $50 later, here I am. The acrylic seems too fragile and gets WAY too hot when trying to cut through it. The bits I've tried seem to catch and ruin everything.

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    You need a diamond edge hole saw. No center bit, use water to keep the material cool and very light pressure.

    what thickness acrylic you trying to drill? if it is less that 1/4" it is going to be very difficult...

    I have a few hole saw you can borrow. Biggest one I have is for 1 1/2" bulk heads. i think 60 MM (2 3/8")

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