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Thread: Reefbrite XHO Blue 15", MP40, and MH equipment

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    Reefbrite XHO Blue 15", MP40, and MH equipment

    Hi all,

    I've been building a tank for the last 18 months (taking forever, I know) and I have some equipment that I decided to go other directions with. Mainly I found a deal on an ATI T5 fixture and have decided to go T5 on this tank.

    1. Reefbrite XHO Blue 15" - this was bought from a reef keeper in NY, works great and is quite impressive- $75

    2. Radium 250 w MH bulb. Bought from a member on Cincy Reef last year. It was sold to me with just a few hours of use on it. I haven't used it except to verify that it works and see how it looks - $25

    3. Brand new Blueline Super White 10K 250w bulb - like I said brand new and is a par monster with crisp white look, not yellow like Ushio bulbs. I have screen shot of data pulled comparing PAR with different ballasts if you would like to compare - $25

    4. Lumenmax Elite reflector - Bought from a member on reefcentral, in perfect condition. This is a high quality reflector with great, even spread - $70 obo

    5. MP40 ES - works great, bought used from a member on reef2reef. Not QD version but can be upgraded. I think this will be too strong for my tank. The cord is slightly separated from dryside (common with these pumps but does not effect performance; it has electrical tape in that area to prevent further separation) - $150

    6. Coralife 250W Electronic Ballast - Works great - $40

    Pictures can be sent on request!



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    take 100 for the mp40?
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    Sorry, pretty firm on the MP40

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    Still have the reef brite?? Text me 859-398-5604

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    Still have it. I'll reach out to you tomorrow since it's late. . .

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    Everything sold except for 10K halide bulb. It'll let it go for $20 if local.

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