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Thread: Maxpect R420R Razor Led light

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    Maxpect R420R Razor Led light

    Selling a Maxpect R420R Razor LED light. It's the 16K version. I'm selling it as is. It has two issues. One issue is the cable where it connects together is corroded from the salt. I have new end connectors coming from China and will give them to you when I get them. The other issue is one of the removable led panels has two blue led's that aren't working. You can buy a new panel online and it's easy to replace or you can use it how it is. I currently have it over my tank but its too big for my little tank. I need to downgrade in size. Would like to get $125 as is or when the plugs come in and I put them on, it will be $200. May trade for a smaller light.
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