Current USA Orbit IC PRO's
The Current Orbit IC Pro includes 2 separate LED hoods plus the controller and loop. You can easily add a Current wave pump and control everything together.
Current USA 36-48" Orbit Marine IC PRO LED Fixture, reg 399.56 SALE $314.96
Current USA 48-60" Orbit Marine IC PRO LED Fixture, reg 449.06 SALE $350.96
Current USA 72" Orbit Marine IC PRO LED Fixture, reg 599.36 SALE $486.86

Reno LED Sale + 10.00 Mail in Rebate
36" and 48" Model Only
Aquaticlife 36" WiFi Reno RGBW LED w/Phone App, Reg 74.99 SALE $67.49
Aquaticlife 48" WiFi Reno RGBW LED w/Phone App, Reg 79.99 SALE $71.99

Innovative Marine ChaetoMax 2-in-1 Refugium LED
Designed for maximum macro algae growth, the ChaetoMax™ Refugium LED has taken the proven technology behind indoor horticulture and crafted the optimal spectral recipe specifically designed for macro algae photosynthesis.

Reef Octopus Octo Lux 32gal & 48gal Aquarium System - BLACK
World's Thinnest Aquarium Overflow System
Integrated Water Reservoir with gravity fed ATO - NO PUMPS or SENSORS to FAIL
Complete System - Includes return pump, protein skimmer, sump, filter sock and plumbing

FritzZyme Turbo Start 900 - For Saltwater
The ORIGINAL LIVE Nitrifying Bacteria Rapidly Eliminates Toxic Ammonia and Nitrite Allows Safe Immediate Introduction of Livestock Prevents "New Tank Syndrome" Establishes and Maintains a Healthy Biofilter Prevents Fish Loss - FritzZyme Saves Lives! A Safe, Natural Approach to Water Treatment

MicMol G3 Mini & PRO Sale
MicMol LEDs fills the gap for those looking for a quality LED with lots of programming options without getting into Bluetooth or Wifi setup issues. All the programming is on board, no internet connection needed. They are also as powerful as the bigger names without the big name price tag.
MicMol G3 - Aqua Mini Marine LED, Reg 169.00 SALE $149.99
MicMol G3 - Aqua Pro Marine LED, Reg 269.00 SALE $249.99