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Thread: Fish Stores in City

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    Fish Stores in City

    I have been out of the hobby for a few years and are getting back. What fish stores are left? I see Aquarium Artisans is still here. Gerberís in Dayton. Looks like Aquatic Specialists in Troy may be gone? What about the place that used to be in Milford? I think the owner was named Vince? Brian had a place in a small office in a larger office building. Is that still there? Any other new places pop or that I donít have listed?

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    Coral Pets is closed that was Vince. Other then what you posted that are still around.... Monforts, Wet Pets, Aquatic exotics and a couple in KY are World of pets & Discovery aquatics.

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    in dayton there is Gerbers, Corals Galore and Lazysfrag house.
    for corals and some fish i prefer Lazysfrag house prices are always great and his coras look awesome

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