NEW ME Coral Products
ME Corals offers all the staples from calcium, alk, mg to GFO, carbon and coral food. What makes ME Coral different?
MECoral uses only Pharmaceutical Grade raw material to achieve the highest quality, highest purity, and highest concentration possible.
They offer the traditional liquid 2 part calcium and alkalinity, liquid Magnesium. They have went a step further and created a pre-measured dry powder of all 3 of these elements as well. These powders come in variety of sizes to make up 1 gallon, 4 gallon 5 gallons etc saving you money and easier shipping to your door. So you can go the traditional premixed way, or cut your cost down and mix it up yourself easily since it's pre-measured. This is a huge bonus for Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska that typically have to pay really high shipping rates to get product.
Their new Wash Off Coral Dip that uses the traditional lemon and pine oils, but adding a 3rd oil, lavender oil to increase your dip even more, plus in a much more concentrated formula. Comes in 1 shot, 2oz and 8oz
ME Coral Super Food contains no fish meal, just these goodies: Rotifers, Copepods, Zyclops, Plankton (DOM), Daphnia, Krill Superba, Gamarus, Mysis, Spirulina, Aspartic and Glutamic Acids
ME Amino POLYP Extender ME Amino provides corals with special protein nutrition that encourages coral growth and coloration, without adding phosphates that inhibit coral growth.
Check them out and feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

New Aqamai LRM-LED Reef Light
This LED fixture is super thin. It's amazing how thin (only 0.8" thick) and sleek they made it, but still pumps out 100watts of LED power.
You can easily program and control the light with the Aqamai ap on your smart phone, including matching it up with the Aqamai wifi powerhead.
Out of the box, includes the LED fixture and a hanging kit. You can purchase the optional mounting kit at:

New Video & Chance to WIN
In this video we take a look at Finnex 16" Marine+II Aquarium LED Fixture. This Nano Reef tank light is very easy on the wallet and is a great value for the saltwater aquarium hobbyist on a budget. This LED light would be a great addition to any nano reef tank or sump.
We'll be doing a giveaway with this Finnex LED light so if you would like to throw your name in the hat for the giveaway all you need to do is be a subscriber of our YouTube channel, give a thumbs up and leave a comment on the video page. Winner is drawn Saturday so be sure enter. Good luck!