With the all the action from black friday, we had a few fish get stressed and sick. To be safe, we are not selling any fish from the main system and giving them some time to recover. We do still have all the Aquacultured clowns, gobies etc this weekend.

Premium Aquatics would like to thank all of our customers who came out on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday!! We had a great sale and lots of corals and packages were shipped out and picked up by local customers. We appreciate your business! This month we will be doing a canned food drive, so please bring in your non-perishables and we will donate them to Midwest Food Bank one week before Christmas!

This week at Premium, we have been playing catch up in the warehouse and in the livestock showroom. We have two tank set ups out in livestock for the locals to take advantage of...a 25g Innovative Marine with stand, and a SeaPora drop off with Deep Blue stand, and Eshopps ATO container as well. These are open box deals and big savings can be had....stop in this Saturday and check them out!

1) https://premiumaquatics.com/products...on-lagoon.html
https://premiumaquatics.com/products...ood-stand.html --- ALL OPEN BOX
for $490 - normally $600!

2) https://premiumaquatics.com/products...-aquarium.html
Deep Blue black 24 x 24 inch stand, and Eshopps M Pacific ATO container ---- ALL OPEN BOX
for $589 - normally $729!

But that is not all this week at Premium! We have brought in some nice inverts and done some restocking as well. So for those of you who still need to beat the algae before the snow hits...now is the time to stock up. We got in mexican turbos, chestnut and margarita turbos, astrea, marble reef starfish, and African red tip starfish, blood shrimp, snapping shrimp...and the list goes on!!

Check out our new orange frilly sponges, feather dusters, and Christmas tree worm rock - right in time for the holidays. We hope to see you all this weekend at Premium from 12pm to 3pm this Saturday!