ReefTech Customs Acclimation Box
I contacted Levi from ReefTech Customs to see if he manufactured any type of acclimation box. I had a small box that I had bought online, and was never really happy with the way it operated. So after some back and forth Levi, he was able to help me out and you can see the results above.

I have to say that the design and quality are wonderful. The box measures 12x7x7" and is completely collapsible. Upon arrival, the box was flat packaged and required some assembly. There are 6 separate acrylic sides that slide into one another, and then are held together by black rubber O-rings. The O-rings require a little strength to put on, but once in place, they provide excellent support for all the sides.


One of my biggest complaints with other acclimation boxes, was the fact that the lid would be hinged on the edge of the box. Then when in your tank, you would only be able to open the lid partially. With the ReefTech Customs Acclimation Box, that is not an issue. The lid is spaced away from the edge, and allows for full lid movement even when placed in your tank. The lid can be secured shut with a nylon thumb screw. Below are some images of the lid hinges and the lid.



The diamond plate design allows for ample flow through the box for your contained tank mates.


This specific box is held in place by four suction cup mounts, but magnetic mounts can be special ordered by contacting Levi.

Overall, this acclimation box is very well built and big enough to house larger fish during the acclimation period. If you are in the market for an acclimation box, I would definitely reach out to Levi at ReefTech Customs and place an order, or drop by his table at the BuckeyeReef Expo March 18, 2018! The retail price is $35 with suction cups. If you would prefer to have magnets, the price would increase to $50. Regardless of which model you choose, you will be very happy with the purchase. ​

Here is a link to the acclimation box on the ReefTech Customs Website:


  • Completely collapsible​
  • Attractive design​
  • Fully operational lid, even when in place​
  • Design allows for good flow through the box​


  • Suction cups - unless you upgrade to the magnets ​

*** I am in no way affiliated with ReefTech Customs and am not selling this product. Just wanted to share my experience and allow others to enjoy this well designed product as well. ***