Friday 10am to 3pm 11/24/2017
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Premium Aquatics would like to wish all of you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. It sure is hard to believe that it is already nearing winter and the holidays that follow. Now more than ever, it is important to spend time with our family and loved ones!

We have been hard at work the last two weeks getting sales in the warehouse and livestock ready and we couldn't be happier! Premium Aquatics is the place to get all of your drygoods for this hobby, and why not do it while they are on sale! Check out all the deals and keep an eye on your emails for the latest sales. If you plan on visiting us on Black Friday or Saturday for the savings, please have a list ready to help our staff collect your order from the warehouse most efficiently.

The livestock couldn't be looking any more amazing this week with Ultra Rock Nems coming in, a sea of Scoly's from solid reds and greens to war paint, new Acro colonies and frags, new LPS frags and colonies, and even our $10 coral tank got reloaded this week. So that means some awesome savings and over 100 new frags at that price as well.

Premium Aquatics is packed to the rims with fish and corals for you to check out now. Join us for a feast of savings this weekend....with 40% off of one fish or coral, and 50% off of 2 or more corals or fish!! Inverts do not apply to the sale. Let's also add live rock and dry rock at a 25% discount off the normal retail price as well!

Check out the extensive list of livestock all at unbelievable prices this Friday and Saturday!! We will be open from 10am to 3pm for the Black Friday madness and hope to see you here for the savings in our fully stocked warehouse and livestock showroom.

Splendid Dottyback
Two Spot signal Goby
Sailfin Tang
Rose Bubble Tips and Ultra Rock Nems
Royal Gramma
One Spot Foxface/Magnificent Foxface
Lyretail Female Anthias
Yellow Tangs
Flame Angels
Bangaii Cardinals/PJ Cardinals/Orange lined Cardinals
Kole Tangs
Spanish Hog
Hippo Tangs
Coral Beauty
Marble Reef Starfish/Sand sifting Starfish

No holds or rainchecks for this event! Please bring a cooler for your livestock to ride home in safely...

Local In Store Specials
+plus access to all the online specials
LIVE/DRY ROCK - 25% off
CORAL and FISH - 40% off of one
- 50% off of two or more!!!
SALT - 30% off SALE Price (that is up to
46% off)
Innovative Tanks - 10% off SALE Price (20 % off original price)

DOOR PRIZE - Maxspect Turbine Duo Pump $300.00 Value
Arrive between 10am to 11am to enter, winner will be drawn at noon

FREE SNACKS - We will have chips, cookies, water and soda refreshments all day.

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