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Thread: Florecent light fixtures, and "beginner" (hardiest) soft coral. Pictures provided.

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    Florecent light fixtures, and "beginner" (hardiest) soft coral. Pictures provided.

    I have a 51 gallon ( L 35 W 18 x 19H) I am converting from freshwater to salt water. I have done enough research, to know when you purchase a light for this hobby you purchase with foresight, and invest. I don't feel ready to commit to a certain light. At the same time, I'd light to start cycling, get the live rock in etc.

    The lighting bought with the tank, is two compact florecent light fixtures. Each holds six, 16" inch, bulbs. Can this fixture hold bulbs strong enough to grow the "hardiest" soft coral?

    I learned enough in freshwater to know going at a snail pace has a # of benefits. I also want to make decisions that will detour burnout, and so I am in no rush. The first six months I plan on just live rock, and a pair of clowns. Then in the spring, I'd like start going into beginner soft coral.

    So is it possible these two light fixtures can serve minmal needs? Then at the optimal time whether six months, or a year from now I upgrade my lighting. If not, and I'm expecting a no I do have a # of LEDs in mind, but still remorseful T5 fixtures are so expensive no to run. Light recommendations appreciated regardless. Thanks. Happy Halloween!

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    You should be fine to start out with some softies using that lighting. The fixture I started out with 12 years ago was only 4 24" CF bulbs on a 4' tank. I grew softies, mushrooms, zoas and palys with no problems.

    T5 are a traditional sure fire bulb to uses and LED have mixed reviews (i use them now, mainly retired my MH due to Heat and $$).

    There is a the clubs frag swap in January, i would think you would be cycled and ready to start with a softie frag by then. If you are, i have some I will give to help you get started.


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