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Thread: Fall clean up sale!Sump , skimmer & light

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    Fall clean up sale!Sump , skimmer & light

    1, 36 gal acrylic sump refugiem 36L x 14.5W x16T-------------------------$100.00
    [img width=1024 height=768][/img]IMG_0018 by Bin Yang, on Flickr
    2,29 gal sump -----------------------------------------------------------------$15.00
    [img width=1024 height=768][/img]IMG_0019 by Bin Yang, on Flickr
    3, coral life 220 skimmer with pump, the cord mess up might need new pump--------------------------------------$25.00
    [img width=1024 height=1365][/img]IMG_0020 by Bin Yang, on Flickr
    [img width=1024 height=768][/img]IMG_0021 by Bin Yang, on Flickr
    4, euro skimmer need clean-----------------------------------------------$35.00
    [img width=1024 height=1365][/img]IMG_0022 by Bin Yang, on Flickr
    5 ,Orphek PR156 Led light bought from a member here, never get to use it---------------------------------$200.00
    [img width=1024 height=768][/img]IMG_0026 by Bin Yang, on Flickr
    6, DJ power center--------------------------------------------$20.00
    [img width=1024 height=768][/img]IMG_0023 by Bin Yang, on Flickr
    7,new aqua top 660g/h pump----------------------------------------$15.00
    [img width=1024 height=768][/img]IMG_0024 by Bin Yang, on Flickr

    any question you can text me at 9375544182


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    Can U text me a quick pic of the power center or post it here for me 513-509-eight63six can't look at yahoo pic for some reason. Thanks
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