If you have not made it here to Premium Aquatics lately, this is the weekend to do it! It will be a beautiful Saturday for adding your fall clean up crew to get that neglected tank back in shape. Mexican Turbo snails are finally back in stock here at PA this weekend...and we have a good amount in stock so make sure to grab a few of those for any nuisance algae. We have also stocked back up on margarita snails, astrea, black stripe trochus, cerith snails and more!

Premium Aquatics has another great week of fish selection here also for the weekend. Check out a few of the new arrivals for the week and the full list online by clicking the livestock link below.

New Fish/Inverts:

Yellow Tangs - bright yellow!
Flame Angel
Trio of Orange lyretail Anthias (female)
Zoster Pyramid Butterfly - such a beautiful butterfly, and not real common!
Purple firefish
Arrow crab
and lots MORE!


DOORBUSTER $9.99 Sale on these great fish and corals below:

Purple Dottyback
Sailfin "Lawnmower" Blenny
Yellow Watchman Gobies

New ricordia Florida mushroom corals, Only $9.99 each this weekend! That is a great deal...

As always don't forget to make your list of dry goods you need to take care of your reef. We have a fully stocked warehouse ready for you to pick and choose from. Here are just a few great deals we have back there right now.

Here is the scratch and dent or open box section...check this link out for some great savings!


We hope to see you all here at Premium Aquatics this Saturday 10/21/17 from 12pm to 3pm.