Premium Aquatics has been digging for gold this week with all of the yellow fish and inverts we brought in for our customers!! We have yellow tangs, a beautiful foxface, a couple of yellow and purple wrasse, a canary blenny, yellow eye Kole Tang, yellow tip hermits and more for this Saturday. Our inverts and crabs are restocked as well and ready for new homes...including a plethora of scarlet red legs.

We have a great special on the scarlets for this Saturday as well. FOUR scarlet red leg hermit crabs for only $10.00! This is a great deal and would normally cost $16 for the same count. Don't forget to check out our sales and clearance section for some great deals.

Premium also has in a few new really nice, fully covered zoanthid rocks that are on special for only $30 for Saturday! These are bright orange and green zoanthids that are sure to stand out in any tank. Take a minute to look at the rest of the livestock we have available below and stop in to visit Premium Aquatics this Saturday from 12pm to 3pm.

New Arrivals:

Rose bubble tip anenomes
Rainford Gobies
Green Clown Gobies
Moyer's Red Dragonette
Zebra Turbos, Margarita snails...
Flame Hawk
Green Chromis
Sapphire Damsels and MORE!!

If you have not subscribed to our Youtube Channel, please do, so you can check out all of our new livestock and drygood reviews.

PA copepods are also back in stock!

Remember no raincheck or holds
Saturday hours 12-3pm