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Thread: 220 tank break down

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    220 tank break down

    My 220g display tank started leaking and we are planning to move soon so I wont be replacing it for now.
    Some of this equipment is currently running on the tank and will be available sometime next week or the weekend, I plan to have all livestock moved or sold this weekend (9/30-9/31) freeing up all equipment.
    I have been in the hobby for 12ish years and have accumilated alot of equipment, its time to clear it out!

    Vertex Alpha 250 Skimmer - $700
    Beast of a skimmer, easily handles ~250gal total volume, i would guess it can go to 300-400 heavily stocked.
    From BRS:
    Tank Size: 200 - 450 Gallons (750 - 1700 L)
    Footprint: 13" x 18.5"
    Height: 24.5"
    Air Draw: Adjustable 1800 to 2100 LPH

    2x Maxspect XF250 pumps and controller - $500 new, asking $380.
    Only 9 months old, pratically brand new. These are quite and really move some water.
    Controller + pump
    Second pump

    Reeflo SwordTail pump - Brand new never used. $200
    20' max head, 1750gph flow

    Reeflo Hammerhead gold - $200
    Used but has new seals. Great for high flow or basement sumps.
    Max Flow: Hammerhead 6000 GPH, Barracuda 4300 GPH
    Max Head: 24 ft
    Dimensions: 16.6" L x 9.6" W x 9.13" H
    Input: 1 FNPT
    Output: 1 FNPT

    Pan World 50PX-X $80
    great return pump, or mixing pump.
    1110gph max flow
    13 foot max head pressure
    90 watts
    1" MPT in/out

    Aqua UV 40 watt $200
    Brand new bulb. Use to keep your water crystal clear etc.

    Geo 612 Calc reactor - $150
    Used but good condition. Just replaced the pump volute.

    2x reefbreeders photon 32" leds $400 for both. About 1.5 years old.
    My tank was mostly sps and this did great. 2 over a 6' 220.

    2 x Tunze 6101 pumps - $100
    These are the older ones but still work fine and move a ton of water.
    Turbelle Stream 6101:
    For aquariums from 200 to 2,000 l (52 to 528 US gal.)
    Flow rate: 2,500 to 12,000 l/h (660 to 3,170 US gal./h)
    Electronically controllable by all TUNZE motor controls
    Energy consumption: maximum 36 W
    Voltage/frequency: 100-240V/50-60Hz
    Cable length: 5 m (196 in.)
    Dimensions: 98 x 118 mm (diam. 3.8 x 4.6 in.)
    Outlet: 50/47 mm (diam. 1.96/1.85 in.)

    Neptune Aquasurf - $20
    Works with any of the Tunze Stream pumps that are compatible with the Tunze 7095 controller.
    4 independent channels for control of 4 pumps.
    Independent variable speed control on all channels.
    Resonate mode used to generate waves (with or without a wave box).
    Precise on/off period configuration.
    Mode of operation can be changed throughout the day.
    Uses nhanced AquaController programming language.
    Periodic pulse mode to keep fish out of the stream pump.
    Works w/ AC3, AC3Pro, and ACJr.
    2 Mounting Holes for easy installation.

    1 gallon sulfur media $10

    Zeovit pump reactor (could use for other media) - $10
    This was a DIY but works and is simple, a pump pumps water into the bottom and it then overflows the top. There is an inner chamber attached to the handle that you can use to stir up the media. Could use this for bio media etc.

    Large bag of bioballs - $5

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    UV Sold

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    OBO on anything?

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    How about $100 for the Reeflo Hammerhead gold?

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    Hammerhead pending.

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    Reefbreeders light still available? If so does it have both the hanging and mounting legs included? Thanks
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    yes lights available, tank mount and cable hangers included.

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    UV, Calc RX, Tunze 6101, and hammerhead all sold. Gyre pumps pending.

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    Gyre pumps sold.

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