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Thread: Live and dry rock fs

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    Live and dry rock fs

    Have 60+ lbs. Live rock has been cycled for 6+ months. No lights on the rock but it's biologically cycled and ready to go.

    Live rock= $4/lb
    Dry rock $3/lb

    Once I get fish and coral out of my display I'll have 150lbs+ of mature reef rock for sale.

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    Dry rock $1 per pound
    Live rock $2 per pound

    Come get it!

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    My display rock is now available, 150-200 lbs of well seasoned live rock, tank was up ~5years.

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    About to drain the rest of the tank and tubs, everything will be dryrock, $1/lb. This is a mix of marco and BRS rock. some shelfs.

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    Rock is sold, Thanks!

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