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Thread: Wartskin Angler (Antennarius maculatus)

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    Wartskin Angler (Antennarius maculatus)

    Just wanted to share some photos and some info on my new Wartskin Frogfish. I have only had this guy a couple weeks. He is currently in a nano tank that he has to himself. I have been working to try and train him to eat off of a feeding stick that i have made but have not had any luck yet. For now he is feeding on baby gut loaded guppies. He is around 1.25" right now so i have to stick with the smaller foods. They say that they can eat for as big or slightly larger then themselves but i figure why stress him out. My son named him Cobra do to how fast he strikes the fish he eats.
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    Cool looking fish.

    I am officially requesting a video of you feeding him.

    Do you plan to keep him in the nano?

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    Are the gut-loaded swimming fish or some kind of frozen food?

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    Very cool color
    Jims tank

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    I worked with Vince to make sure we order in a true Wartskin. These guys are easy confused with larger frogfish. This guy maxes out around 4" so i plan to keep him in the nano.The gut loaded guppies are live fresh water guppies, the fresh water fish do not have the proper amino acids needed to keep the frogfish health long team so what i do if feed them Marine NLS pellets before feeding them to the frogfish. This will help supply some of the proper nutrition until i can train him to eat frozen marine foods.

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    The frogfish can either blend into match surroundings like sponges or rock or stand out to look like a poisons sea slug. Here are some pics i found on the web of some sea slugs with similar color.
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    That is SWEET!

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    So far i have got the angler to eat some dead guppies of the feeding stick but nothing else. I may try and feed him some fresh water shrimp to get him use to eating shrimp then try him on some krill at that point. Right now he shows no interest in krill or jump mysis

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    Amazing fish, Mark. Any updates on the fish's diet, progression, long-term acclimation, etc?

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    thought i would share some updated pics since the other are no longer able to be seen.Unknown-1.jpgUnknown-2.jpgUnknown.jpg

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