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As many of you can see from my recent posts, I am not intimidated by threats or insults. Why react? In 100 years, none of this will matter.

For a long time, I ran my own business and was a paid consultant. My job was to come in and troubleshoot problems. Corporations would fly me to different locations and ask me to find out what was going on. My effectiveness was measured by the corporations themselves. Accidents would stop and begin dropping. Moral would increase. Employee retention would increase. Managers would become more affective. During this time period, I ended up working with and/or training over 50 to 100 different corporations and worked with over 2,000 employees. I have personally trained over 10,000 people!

(There were times that I was catching 4 to 6 flights per week. After a few years, that starts getting old!)

As a consultant, I learned many things and would like to share two points:

First, learning to listen and watch is a skill that very few managers have, it is less than 15%. In fact, 40% of managers are not affective and have trouble making decisions - we have all seen them and I don’t need to go into detail about them. The other 45% of managers do so by threats, intimidation, insults and ridicule… they are easy to spot. All you have to do is listen and watch!

Second, people will also read what they want to read and it doesn't matter with how you say it. This is why I call it the way I see it and could care less what people say because in the end, it really doesn't matter.

Now as you read this and as an example, keep in mind the hardcore Democrat and hardcore Republican... both really do believe in their cause and believe what they are saying is the gospel truth. They really do. As this occurs, they can't understand or see the other side’s point of view. In fact, they are shocked and dismayed by the other side’s position and can't believe how stupid and ignorant they are and will not hesitate to loudly proclaim this to all who will listen.

Some interesting facts about me include:

• I have been an Aquarium Enthusiast off and on since age 12 and am debating if I want to setup my 135 Gallon Tank up again.

• Both my wife and I are retired Master Skydivers. I have over 870 skydives. My lowest jump was at 1400' when I bailed out because of engine problems. My highest skydive was 21,500 AGL (22,500 MSL).

• We are PADI certified scuba divers with NITROX ratings. I have over 150 dives from Belize to Hawaii and points in between.

• Both my wife and I are experienced at Rock Climbing and Rappelling.

• We are both licensed for Motorcycles and yes, I have ridden on the back as my wife drove.

• Both my wife and I have numerous Instructor ratings and certifications in various fields.

• I now only provide private lessons and training for people

• I have extensive management experience at all levels

• I use to own an aquarium/pet shop

• I run my own website

• I have 6 plus years experience as a Moderator

• I never take things personally on Internet forums

Points of interest:

• On one occasion, while traveling, my wife was involved in a very serious plane crash. Fortunately, she was not injured or hurt. This occurred while I was flying home and I didn't find out until I was catching a connecting flight in Pittsburgh. (I have some neat photos of her plane crash!) After her plane crash, my wife would panic during a planes takeoff. This is not good for a Master Skydiver. I waited until she asked for my help with this problem and my solution only took one hour of training. (If you are curious as to how I helped her overcome the panic and fear, just shoot me an email!)

• I have worked with and trained dogs, cats and parrots. We currently have a cat that I trained to sit, roll-over, stand, jump up, jump down, lay and speak on voice command and hand signals. Our other cat is just beginning to learn these tricks.

Cincinnati Area
If you really want to know, just ask!


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