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    2017 Board of Directors

    President: Logan Smith (Logzor)

    Vice President: Mark VanHook (docksy)

    Treasurer: Steve Wells (West Chester Reef)

    Secretary: Steve Mueller (fishing steve)

    Program Director: Matt Allen (513reefertank)

    Webmaster: Kurt Schneider (Kurt)

    Cincyreef.com and its forums are dedicated to hobbyists of all ages. In an effort to clearly define all policies regarding posting, user profiles, and general forum behavior, The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society has drafted this policy.

    • Please read these policies before posting and be sure to check them often, as they are subject to change without notice.

    Official Site Policy

    I. User Profile Policy

    Registered Users
    Are allowed only one registered user name (nic) at a time, multiple nics to the same registered user is prohibited, multiple nics will be deleted, Staff are excluded - secondary nics are required to test functionality of the site.

    User names and Signatures
    User names may not contain vulgar or abusive language.

    Must be appropriate for all family members. Must also abide by the Signature policy.

    II. General Posting Policy

    Proper Forum
    All posts must be in the proper forum. That is why there are many different forums on this site. Off limit topics are Off limit! Period.

    A word filter is in use on this board and actively searches for and replaces inappropriate words. Attempting to circumvent the word filter with alternate spellings will result in a warning and and edit of your post. Future violations may result in your account being suspended.

    You may upload images in the appropriate categories on this site. Generally they are restricted to saltwater/reef related images. Inside your personal photo gallery you may upload any pictures that you choose, however you are not allowed to upload nude, semi-nude, offensive, copyrighted or other questionable images to any category on this site. Failure to comply with this will result in immediate and permanent suspension of your account.

    Commercial Posts
    Posts by members attempting to market/advertise a business are not allowed. If you have a website, automatic ordering, accept credit cards or regularly sell your product on Ebay or Ebay type websites, you are considered commercial and posts of an advertising nature will be removed. The buy/sell/trade forum is for members who are selling items or buying items in low quantity. If you are selling large/bulk quantities of any item you will be considered a commercial business. Ultimately the decision of wether or not you are classified as a commercial entity is left up to the moderators/Board of Directors.

    Prohibited Posting Practices

    All of the examples following are prohibited:
    1. Double Posting. The practice of posting the same post in two or more forums with the hope that more readers will see your post or thread.
    2. Thread Hijacking. The practice of inserting a post into a thread which has nothing to do with the thread or disrupts the subject of the thread.
    3. ALL CAPS. This is generally considered shouting and furthermore makes posts difficult to read.

    Posting of Private Messages
    Private Messages are, as indicated, private. Posting of a PM or any part of one in the open forums is generally discouraged and could be considered a breach of trust by the sender and be grounds for administrative action.

    Posting of Personal Information
    The posting of personal information in anyway shape or form will not be tolerated.

    Bashing and Flaming
    There has never been a clear definition of what is considered "bashing" but basically if you haven't got something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Bashing an individual or any site will not be tolerated at Cincyreef. Such posts or threads will be removed at the discretion of the staff. The purpose of this site is for the education of reefkeeping for all ages.

    If your post or thread disappears, it is for a good reason. Posting it again, especially at a time when you think it will escape notice by the moderators, is not acceptable.

    III. Forum-Specific Policies

    Each forum has its own guidelines as to what material is appropriate. Please read forum guidelines before posting.

    IV. Mod/Admin Discretion

    The administrator and moderators may, at their sole discretion; move, edit, or delete any post considered being inappropriate for either the site or a particular forum. Most moderation activity involves judgment on the part of the moderator. If you feel a post has been wrongly deleted, moved, or edited, send a PM to that moderator and do not post your grievance in the forums.

    The administrators from time to time may have the need to access your user acct, in certain instances. These instances could be but are not limited to your user id having issues displaying correct, your user id acting funny, your user id disappears etc.. This action may or may not preceded with warning to you the member but will always be followed up with a pm to let you know it took place. If you believe your acct has been inappropriately accessed please change your password and let us know immediately.

    V. Private Messages (PMs)

    It must be stated, that Cincyreef has an obligation to its members to protect their interests, and to protect the site integrity as a whole. This includes protection from phishing, scamming, criminal activity, and any other actions which may compromise or harm the site or its members.

    With this in mind, Cincyreef may be required to access certain individuals' PMs in the event of reasonable suspicion of wrong doing. Although legally all electronic data, including PMs, on this site are fully accessible without warrant via ownership rights by the administration, such an action should only be necessary in extreme situations. In the event a PM should be read, the parties involved will be informed after the fact, of course.

    We would hope this is not necessary, but we also want to keep all members informed of our policies put in place for everyone's protection.


    Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society Bylaws

    1. Board of Directors

    1.1 Name

    • The name of the organization shall be "The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society".

    1.2 Composition

    • The Board of Directors, hereafter known, as the "Board" shall consist of 6 positions: a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Program Director, and a Webmaster.

    1.3 Elections

    • The Board shall be elected by the membership by the end of February of each calendar year.
    • The Vice President shall be responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for election of board members. Nominations for election to the Board shall be made within the "Member's Discussion" forum on The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society website. Nominations may be received by posting within a dedicated thread or by contacting the Vice President prior to the elections.
    • Each paid member shall be entitled to cast one vote in each board elections for each position. The candidate with the most votes in each of the board elections shall be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the President will cast the deciding vote.
    • Members may be elected to not more than two board positions and no single member may hold more than one position within the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer positions. (As an example, a member may be a treasurer and a webmaster but a treasurer cannot be a president also)
    • The term of office of the Board shall be from one election until the next election. The candidates will be officially elected by the end of February and will officially hold the position starting March 1st of the same year.
    • Unsuccessful candidates are not barred from running for other positions.
    • Voting shall be by online ballot. If a candidate is unopposed, the vote shall be by acclimation. A voting poll must run at least 10 days so as to provide ample time for all members who wish to vote to be able to do so. To be a candidate, you must be a paid member for 6 consecutive months and be active in the club .

    1.4 Filling Vacancies

    • Vacancies on the Board will be filled by Board appointment if less then 4 months before the next election. Membership will be notified of the vacancy. Vacancies that occur with more then a 4-month lapse before the next election will be filled by an online vote by the general membership.

    1.5 Conduct of Business

    • Board of Directors business shall be conducted at duly constituted meetings or by online vote. Board meetings are open to the paid members. Only Directors may vote at Board meetings. Each Director shall have one vote. All issues shall be decided by a simple majority of the votes cast. In the case of a tied vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

    1.6 Lack of Quorum

    • If the situation arises that there is less than five Directors in office, then those Directors shall continue to manage the affairs of the Cincinnati Reefkeeper's Society; but, they shall, at the earliest opportunity, hold a membership meeting to elect the vacant Director(s).

    2. Powers and Responsibilities of the Board

    2.1 Management of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society

    • The Board shall be responsible for the management of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society. The Board members shall each hold the position of Moderator of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society website forums for the purpose of maintaining a family friendly site. Moderators of specific forums may consist of Board members along with non-board members as determined by the Board.

    2.2 Finance

    • The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society fiscal year will end on December 31st of each year. The Board shall establish: the membership fees, the fees for participating in the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society activities, and the cost of the Cincinnati Reefkeeper's Society publications. The Board shall be responsible for the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society expenditures, and the general financial welfare of the Cincinnati Reefkeeper's Society. Property or equipment purchased by the club with club funds or donated to the club shall be known as Club Property. In the event the club dissolves, Club Property and Funds shall be disbursed in a manner agreeable to the remaining members and in compliance to local, state & federal laws. A financial statement will be presented at a minimum of three times per year. The financial records will be open for viewing if requested by 3 or more members.

    2.3 The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society Officers

    • The Board may appoint committees from amongst the Directors and/or the general membership

    3. Duties of the Officers

    • The Officers shall perform the duties as set out in this Section and such other duties as assigned by the Board.

    3.1 President

    The President shall:

    • Act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society and provide leadership and supervision.
    • Seek to ensure that the other Officers and Board carry out their duties, but, this does not imply that the President must assume the duties of any officers who are derelict in their duties.
    • Chair all membership meetings, and serve as ex-officio member of all the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society Committees.
    • Act as an official representative and spokesperson for the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society
    • Call special meetings of the Board.

    3.2 Vice President

    The Vice President shall:

    • Assist the President in carrying out all of his duties.
    • Act for the President, in the Presidents absence or at the request of the President.
    • Serve as the Nominations Chairperson accepting Nominations for Board of Directors positions from the membership.
    • Conduct raffles at regular the Cincinnati Reefkeeper's Society meetings. If unable to be present, this person is responsible for finding another member who can fulfill this role during the meeting.
    • Ensure that the raffles run smoothly and that adequate raffle tickets are available.
    • Hold all raffle prizes safely.
    • Reconcile monies received for the raffle with another Board Member and turn it over to the treasurer if applicable.

    3.3 Treasurer

    The Treasurer shall:

    • Keep a complete and accurate record of the financial transactions of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society and make these available to the Board at all reasonable times
    • Prepare a triennial financial statement for the general membership.
    • Ensure the safekeeping of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society's financial assets.
    • Attend to correspondence relating to the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society's finances including payment of bills and annual IRS filings if applicable.
    • Maintain two current board member signatures on the banks file for proper access. The signature will consist of the treasurer's name and one other designated by the board.
    • A financial statement will be presented at a minimum of three times per year. The financial records will be open for viewing if requested by 3 or more members.
    • Maintain a current and complete record of all members, and make it available to the Board at all reasonable times.
    • Collect membership fees with a reconciliation of fees collected and the membership list.

    3.4 Program Director

    The Program Director shall:

    • Develop and recommend to the Board ideas for the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society membership meetings.
    • Develop contacts in the marine aquarium hobby, and hence develop a list of potential speakers for the Cincinnati Reefkeeper's Society events.
    • Make arrangements for the smooth running of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society meetings and programs include reserving monthly meeting place, booking and accommodations for guest speaker.

    3.5 Secretary

    The Secretary shall:

    • Compose and send letters of solicitation to potential donors of products for the various Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society events.
    • Record and track donations received.
    • Compose and send letters of thanks to all donors.
    • Establish and maintain mailing lists of local pet shops and national manufacturers.
    • Be responsible for taking & distributing minutes of all meetings.

    3.6 Webmaster

    Webmaster shall:

    • Be responsible for the regular maintenance of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society website.
    • Edit the website using judgment as to the suitability of submitted material.
    • Be responsible for promoting the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society over the Internet.
    • Assure that the webmaster plus at least one other designate by the Board have access and password to the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society's website.

    4. Financial Transactions

    4.1 Check signing

    • All checks or other documents transferring the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society funds shall be signed by two of: the President, the Vice-President, or the Treasurer. (If an undue hardship were to occur, the Secretary may sign along with one of the other three board member positions listed above)

    4.2 Commitment of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society Funds

    • All expenditures greater than $100.00 must be pre-approved by the majority of the Board. All expenditures must be reported at the next meeting.

    5. Membership Fees

    • An individual or family joining The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society shall pay an annual fee set by the Board. The membership fee shall be established, and may be changed when deemed necessary by a vote of the Board.
    • Membership in The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society shall be granted for a full twelve (12) months from the date of payment.
    • There may be a charge for non-members who wish to attend any of The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society meetings or activities. The charge will be set by the Board and may vary depending upon the nature of the meeting or activity. For special events, the Board may set entrance fees for both members and non-members. The Board may also limit access to certain meetings or activities so that only members may attend.

    6. Rights of Members
    6.1 Rights

    Individual members shall have the following rights:

    • To attend all regular meetings.
    • To participate in all of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society activities.
    • To enter the monthly drawings for prizes when present at meeting.
    • To vote on any matter put before the membership.

    *** Family memberships shall allow just the head of the family to enter monthly drawings and to vote on any matter put before the membership.***

    7. Commercial Activities

    • No one shall undertake commercial activity at the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society meetings, events, or facilities to promote their own commercial interests, (where commercial interests shall be activities undertaken with the purpose of making money) without approval of the Board of Directors. This restriction, however, shall not prevent members from participating in commercial activities, such as advertising in the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society publications, providing such opportunities are also available to non-members. The standards required to become a sponsor is to be established by the Board.

    8. By-Law Changes

    • Constitutional changes must be recommended by the Board and require that at least 51% of the Board Members votes cast are in favor of the change. Constitutional changes will not become effective until ratified by a 10 day on line poll, and require that at least 51% of the members vote cast. Suggestions for Bylaw changes must be presented to the Cinyreef BOD by Private Message.


    • The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society can only be dissolved by a vote of the membership at a meeting called for that purpose. All members must receive at least one month's written notice of the time, location and purpose of such a meeting. Dissolution would only occur if two thirds of the members' votes cast at the meeting were in favor of dissolution.
    • Property or equipment purchased by the club with club funds or donated to the club shall be known as Club Property. In the event the club dissolves, Club Property and Funds shall be disbursed in a manner agreeable to the remaining members and in compliance to local, state & federal laws.

    10. Addendum to By-Laws

    • All Bylaws are subject to interpretation by the Cincyreef BOD.
    • The Webmaster and the President will hold the password for the Cincyreef.com site.

    11. Disclaimer

    • By joining the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society, or participating in the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society activities, or reading the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society publications, an individual agrees to hold the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society and it's Board Members harmless for any loss, harm or consequential damage, no matter how caused, resulting from the individual being a member of the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society, or participating in any the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society activity, or acting or omitting to act as a result of the information or advice received from the Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society meetings, individual members, activities, or publications. cincyreef.com is the website for The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society.The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society does not in anyway warranty or guarantee the accuracy, availability or maturity of content contained on this site or other sites Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society links to. Use Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society at your own risk.

    Becoming a member of The Cincinnati Reefkeepers Society is easy and rewarding! Prospective members are invited to attend one of our monthly meetings as a guest free of charge. Monthly meetings are usually held at a member's home in a casual, inviting atmosphere.

    You can register and make payment for membership at any club meeting. You can also pay directly on the site through your user profile. Payment through your user profile is processed via PayPalÖ and will grant you instant access to "Paid Member" status. PaypalÖ payment should be sent to membership@cincyreef.com.

    Family Memberships are offered at a special rate so your entire family living in your household can have access to club benefits.*

    Individual Membership - $20 (For one year from the date of payment)

    Family Membership - $30 (For one year from the date of payment)

    Membership benefits include:

    • Interaction with over 100 members!
    • The cumulative knowledge, advice, and ideas of experts and beginners alike!
    • Participation in club tours and field trips!
    • Access to ADDITIONAL discussion forums!
    • Access to books in the Club Library and Club Equipment!
    • Eligibility to enter the monthly drawings for gift certificates!
    • Eligibility to enter the Picture of the Month contest!
    • Eligibility to participate in Club Powerbuys!
    • Sponsor discounts and access to Sponsors' Forums!

    * Family memberships shall allow just the head of the family to enter monthly drawings and to vote on any matter put before the membership;


    Ě If you would like to suggest an additional Local Fish Store (LFS) or report corrections/updates, contact the club secretary or email support@cincyreef.com.

    Ě Please verify all information with the respective store before making plans to visit, this information is subject to change without notice.

    All About Pets9285 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd. (OH-42)
    Cincinnati, OH 45069
    Mon. Closed, Tues.-Thur. 11-8, Fri. 11-6, Sat. 11-6, Sun. 12-4

    Aquarium Artisans
    8005 Plainfield Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
    email: info@mytankisart.com
    Mon.-Fri. 11-7:30, Sat. & Sun. 12-6

    Aquatics and Exotics
    7513 Hamilton Ave.
    Mt. Healthy, OH 45231
    Mon., Wed., & Fri. 12-8, Tues. & Thurs. Closed, Sat. 11-6, Sun. 12-5

    Discover Aquatics Shop
    419 Licking Pike
    Wilder, Ky 41071

    Gerber's Saltwater Warehouse
    2279 North Moraine Drive
    Dayton, OH 45439
    Mon. Closed, Tue.-Fri. 12-7, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-6

    Marine Solutions
    5012 Lytle Rd
    Waynesville, OH 45068
    By Appointment

    Monfort Aquarium & Pet Shop
    6520 Colerain Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45239
    Mon.-Fri. 10-7:30, Sat. 10-5:30, Sun. 12-4:30

    Planet Pets
    Newport Plaza
    64 Carothers Rd.
    Newport, KY 41071
    Mon.-Sat. 10-9, Sun. 10-6

    Wet Pets
    9161 Pippin Rd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45251
    Mon.-Fri. 12-6, Sat. 12-5, Sun. 12-4

    World Of Pets
    7199 Turfway Rd.
    Florence, KY
    Mon.-Fri. 11-9, Sat. 10-9, Sun. 12-6