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09-02-2011, 02:47 PM
I'm tired of relying on the media to share information about Ron Paul's support. I'd like to see how many people on here would support Ron Paul and if you wouldn't support him I'd like to know why.

As for me, I think he's the best candidate we have, including the current President.
President Obama was elected for 2 main reason. Hope and Change.. .. No..wait..
Oh yeah, he was elected because people wanted an end to the wars and people wanted an end to the deficit spending that's going on in this country. What did we get?
Patriot Act? Check
More wars? Check
More deficit spending? Check
More civil liberties taken away? Check (see: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/07/world/middleeast/07yemen.html)
More Partisan bickering? Check

So, people asked for change and they got the same old same old anyway. It's no wonder really. Obama's top campaign contributors were banks, much of them were also McCain's top contributors. So, what does all of this mean to me? That no matter who wins we usually get the bank's puppet.

Now on to Why Ron Paul..
Ron Paul has a VERY consistent voting record. VERY.
He is no slouch or dummy either. If you have time and have not done so already just listen to the man speak about things, especially in debates. He will serve most people their Arse on a silver platter with facts and historical accuracy.
He is the most likely person to end the wars and bring American troops home.
He wants to balance the budget and wants to ween people off of social programs. Not just put an end to them as media tries to say.
He voted against:
The war in Iraq
The patriot act
The first war in Iraq
The bombing of Libyia
Every unbalanced budget
He opposes the drug war
He wants to return the power to the people and their states.

Let me clear up some confusions here.
Ron Paul does not want to simply end FEMA and tell everyone to get bent.
He believes the Federal Government has no business in this and it should be state run programs that perform the acts that FEMA performs. After all, why should someone living in Montana be responsible for helping people who live on the beach in FL?
He also believes we should give FEMA the funding they need right now by bringing the troops home and paying $1billion towards the debt and $1billion to fund FEMA for the remainder of the year.

Ron Paul believes in individual liberties. He doesn't think we should have black rights, gay rights, white rights, hispanic rights or anything of the sort. He believes we're all individuals and therefore, we should all have the same rights.

Here's a list of where Ron Paul stands on the issues.

Please, feel free to read the information on the site and then read about WHY he opposes some of these things. You may find that it makes plenty of sense.

If you want to reply to this thread with nothing but insults or Ron Paul bashing feel free, but I ask you to please bring facts with you, not simple opinions or talking points that were pulled from the likes of Fox News or MSNBC..

One more thing.
Ron Paul is the BEST candidate for most people.. Why?
Because as the president he will follow the constitution, which will really only grant him the power to end wars, bring troops home and veto budgets.. .. The rest will pretty much be up to congress..

So, if you have any doubts about how the best man for the job is, please take the time to learn about Ron Paul. I urge all of you to read his books and become familiar with what his ideas are.. They just make practical sense..

I've given my 2 cents..
Flame on!

09-02-2011, 04:06 PM
I am with Ron Paul ALL THE WAY! Don't worry, more people will catch on. His momentum is building, he seriously could give ol' Barrack Hussein a come uppin'. There was a recent CNN poll that ranked him closest of all the potential candidates to beating Obama.

I think people are fed up with business as usual in Washington and most Republicans don't want another spineless big government compromiser. This was evident in the 2010 election when "tea party" conservatives beat out democrats and well established republicans.

Ron Paul is the real deal... did you know he donates his congressional salary back to the Treasury department to go toward the National Debt. He's not in this for a career or to make a name for himself... he's doing it as a duty to this country. I think people that don't like him simply don't know about him or fully understand the things he is saying.

09-02-2011, 04:18 PM
did you know he donates his congressional salary back to the Treasury department to go toward the National Debt.

That I did not know.
I knew he always had a budget surplus for his own congressional budget, but not that he put is pay towards the debt.. I'll have to do some more reading I suppose.

09-02-2011, 04:40 PM
I'm sorry I forgot where I read it... but I'm pretty sure its true. I've always thought that was very noble.

09-02-2011, 07:12 PM
Here's all I can find.