View Full Version : Yellow Tang Injured?

09-25-2010, 05:30 PM
Ok- This evening I fed all my fish and I always feed my mandarin goby last. I feed him through a baster with mysis but lately I have been needing to keep a net around him so the tangs do not go crazy trying to eat the food. As I had my net around the goby, my yellow tang went right into the net and twisted its tail into the net and got caught up in it by the razor like white dots near the tail. I finally was able to get him out but it looks like the white little razors are no longer flat to its body. Should I be concerned? I normally do not have to do this but my blue hippo tang is getting bigger and more agressive so I started to put a net around the goby so it could eat peacefully. The tang is acting normal and swimming as usual.

Any advice would be great!