View Full Version : Califlower on Copperbanded Butterfly

05-31-2009, 07:52 AM
Hello To all,

I have a Copper Banded that is in a 75G reef . My water quality in it is not the best. I have a Eel in there and not running a skimmer. I have 2 other fish and they are fine. I plan to take the tank down within a week to put all of its contents into a 150 with a skimmer. I understand that this is a viral infection and there are no cures. I am a bit hesitant to remove it and put into a QT as this kind of a fish is delicate and I thought it would do best to leave it. I feed it brine every day but I do not see it eat. It must be eating something as its not real skinny yet. I did 1 treatment of Metronidazole in the water for 24 hrs and then I did a 20% WC. It seemed to respond well to the WC as it was more active.

Any ideas are appreciated as I have not had any experience with this virus.


05-31-2009, 09:21 PM
Lymphocystis (sp?). You can remove alot of it gently yourself. Lightly scrape with fingure nail, isnt as bad as it sounds. Even better if you do remove it into QT, a cleaner skunk shrimp will clean it right up. Ive even seen 6line wrasses pick it off other fish. Good news is its not contagious or deadly, unless gills covered.

Copperband butterflys love mysis shrimp, try it. And im sure it'll be much happier in the new tank. Good luck!