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02-28-2009, 08:44 PM
Alright here are my pictures of our first saltwater tank, Please let me know if we are on the right track.

I have a 125gallon glass tank, with a custom made stand, and canopy. Canopy consists of a Icecap 660 Ballast. 4 T5 48inch bulbs, 3 Nocturnal Blue led lunar lights, 2 aqualight cooling fans built into each end, they turn on when the lights turn on, and everything is ran on a digital timer.

Tank has a 30 gallon cstom made sump filter, a Fluvall 405 canister filter, 2 Koralia pump 4's, Coralife 125 skimmer, and a azoo titanium heater 500w. We also have a 30 gallon qt tank.

Live stock so far. 140lbs figi lve rock, 60lbs sand, 2 blenny's, 2 feather duster's, 2 cleaner shrimp, 1 emarld crab, 1 pencil urchin, and many Turbo, bumblebee, Astreas, and Cerith snails.

My questions. Do I have enough motion, I was thinking of adding another powerhead, and what about led lights do I need more? Please let me know.
Thanks Kristie

03-01-2009, 07:50 AM
First thing that I would do, is take that canister filter off! You'll have troubles down the road with nitrates if you don't. Also, if you have the room, it wouldn't hurt anything to put another 30 gal under there for a fuge of some sort. Give me a shot of under the stand and how much room you may have. I'm interested to see that, b/c if your not using the space, then it wouldn't hurt to add a little more water to the system.

2 x K4's in a 125 isn't bad if your going to keep softies and LPS. If you ever wanted to get into the SPS field, you'll need more. Also, you only have 4 T5's over top? You sure you can't fit 6? Also, are they staggered at all? I can see some shadowed areas on the ends, so that makes me think the lights are only in the center of the tank, and they aren't reaching the ends. Probably wouldn't hurt to redo that lighting so that you can get the light on the ends, and have an even spread throughout the tank.