View Full Version : Nearly NEW Playstation 2 w/ 4 games/ accessories available

11-23-2008, 05:20 PM
This PS2 hasn't been played more than 10 hours. Buy with confidence. You won't find a PS2 in better condition. Makes a great holiday gift.

I purchased this Playstation new and it comes with all of the original packaging and cables, including a Playstation 2 DualShock controller. I'm also including a Memory Card and 4 great games. This PS2 is backwards compatible and will play PS One games as well as DVDs. $100 to local buyer. Cash only. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Four great games included:
SOCOM Navy Seals - award winning first person shooter/multi-player game

Ace Combat 4
Super realistic, single and multi-player head-to-head dog fighting.

Star Wars: Starfighter
Defend Naboo from the skies in movie realistic space combat.

Crash Bandicoot
Playstations version of Mario Kart. Engage your friends/family in multi player cart racing and cart battles.

Also available:
Extra controllers (2 for $10 or 1 for $7)
Dongle/DVD remote ($10)
Ethernet adapter to play multi-player games online ($10). This is hard to find!
Additional memory card ($5)

$135 takes everything.


SOCOM Navy Seals description:
The dangerous life of an elite Navy SEAL commander is the subject of this squad-based shooter. Single players will lead their four-man team on a series of 12 missions, ranging from ambushes to hostage rescue attempts, as they engage terrorists throughout such real-world locales as Thailand, Congo, and Turkmenistan. The game was developed in conjunction with Naval Special Warfare Command to breathe some accuracy into the objectives and tactical maneuvers players experience while advancing through the campaign. The four SEALS comprising the team work together in two pairs: Able Element and Bravo Element. The advantage to this scheme is that Bravo Element can be sent to different waypoints on the tactical map, viewable at any time during play, to complete certain objectives or to rendezvous at key locations. Each player's partner must remain close to provide cover and backup when needed, so teams cannot split completely apart. Commands are relayed in a unified system of "who, what, and where," with abbreviations and call signs substituted for complete names. Each mission begins with a briefing and a series of objectives, such as securing a building or neutralizing a sentry. The tactical map outlines structures, coordinates, and routes to take during the mission, and a choice of weapons, 30 types ranging from guns to explosive devices, can be equipped before hitting the ground. The attempt at realism is reflected in the manner in which players conduct themselves. Bodies of fallen comrades can be hidden to avoid detection, opponents can be silently taken out using a rifle butt or knife, and shadows can be used to conceal the player from a terrorist's keen eye. Once players have grown accustomed to the single-player game, they can challenge up to 15 opponents on one, two, or three maps. Game types include "Demolition," which is akin to capture the flag with bombs; "Suppression," a deathmatch between terrorists and SEALs; and "Extraction," where SEALS attempt to rescue hostages from terrorists.

Ace Combat 4 description:
The Ace Combat series soars once again. Experience aerial combat like never before. A brand new gripping storyline, planes rendered from actual fighter aircraft, and 24 fabulous missions will keep pilots-to-be on the edge of their seats. The eye-popping visuals will speak for themselves. Imagine being in the cockpit of a real military jet fighter. Your adrenaline is pumping, your senses are tingling, and all of the white, the G-Forces are crushing your body as your dog-fighting skills are pushed to extremes. It's turn and burn action as Ace Combat 04 takes to the skies once again. With more realism and action than ever before, this high-flying shooter delivers a payload or supersonic excitement.

- Fly planes modeled from real world aircraft.
- A compelling storyline enriches the game play experience
- Take charge in 18 challenging missions
- Explore multiple options for aircraft and weaponry.
- Detailed, beautifully rendered worlds immerse you in the action.

Star Wars: Starfighter description
There is a storm brewing around the tiny planet of Naboo, one that has the possibility of spilling over into the slippery world of politics making up the Republic. The long era of peace that has brought such prosperity to the galaxy cannot last forever, and there are those at Coruscant who would benefit greatly if that peace is threatened or shattered.

Enter the Trade Federation, an evil alliance whose corrupt and violent business practices are perhaps a precursor to the dark times that may be coming. And before all is said and done, an epic and heroic struggle will need to be undertaken to stop the Trade Federation and its unlikely allies in the Republican Senate from starting an all-out war in the galaxy.

Star Wars: Starfighter doesn't focus on the particular epic and heroic struggle that you might be thinking of. While this title from LucasArts does focus on the events surrounding Episode I, it does so from the perspective of characters not present in the movie. In place of familiar names such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn are three different pilots: the young and inexperienced Naboo pilot Rhys Dallows, the beautiful and dangerous mercenary Vana Sage, and the infamous pirate Nym.

Through the course of the game, players will take on the roles of all three characters, as they forge an unlikely alliance to take on the Trade Federation, and help in their own way to save the galaxy...until the Clone Wars, of course.

Star Wars: Starfighter is not necessarily a sequel to either Rogue Squadron or Battle for Naboo, both for the N64, but it is structured in a similar fashion: a space shooter that trades in complicated menus and detailed systems for a more fast-paced experience. It is the first exclusive Star Wars title for the Playstation 2.

The story is told through the unique perspectives of the three pilots, winding back and forth among them as the game progresses. This of course means that players will be taking on each of their roles in the 14 different missions within the game. It also means that they will have the opportunity to fly each of the crafts that belong to the pilots: Rhys' Naboo starfighter, Vana's quick and nimble Guardian Mantis, and Nym's bulking and powerful Havoc. Each of the ships has its own specialties, ranging from speed to firepower.

The missions take place in either deep space or closer to the ground, and each of the different environments possesses its own characteristics, from mountains to canyons to flat lands. The mission objectives are varied, but many of them center on the protection of a specific object, be it a friendly craft or shield generator that cannot be destroyed lest the Trade Federation gain the ability to take the upper hand in the conflict.

While there are no branching missions in this game, there are extra bonus objectives that, once completed, will give players medals that can be used to unlock secret levels, from special training missions to two different two-player missions: a dogfight and a capture-the-flag type challenge.

One of the features in Star Wars: Starfighter is the ability to zoom in on targets as you fire at them, giving players the ability to spray even distant enemies with gunfire. There are also several missions in which players can command their wingmen to do various tasks, from attacking the incoming fighters to defending either themselves or the target they've been sent to protect. There are radio voices in the game, as well as the visuals and sounds that players have come to expect from a Star Wars title.

Crash Bandicoot description:
An orange marsupial named Crash Bandicoot desperately needs your help in saving the world from mad scientist Dr. Neo Cortex. Jump and whirl your way across three tropical islands and 32 levels to give the evil doctor a taste of his own medicine. The game features 3D characters and environments with movement restricted to a single path. The majority of levels are set behind Crash's furry back as he dodges hazards and battles a variety of enemies by either bouncing or spinning on them. Other levels are a mix of side-scrolling sequences and chase scenes that have Crash running toward the screen.

Areas on each island are selected from an overhead map. The object is to safely make it across each stage to unlock the next leg of your journey. Crates scattered throughout the islands can be smashed to reveal health-restoring fruit and other helpful items. There are also hidden symbols that unlock bonus rounds and gems to earn by completing stages under specific conditions. To earn a perfect rating on a level, you'll need to complete it without dying and smash all of the crates. Traverse all three islands and defeat five comical boss characters before your final showdown with Dr. Neo Cortex.