View Full Version : 20" Bmx bike fully loaded.

03-16-2008, 10:50 AM
Ok i used to ride all the time in all different places around ohio kentucky and indy.I have kids now and never get a chance to ride my bike anymore so im going to have to let it go.Its a SE Wildman Todd Lyons edition and is fully loaded.It has a 3 piece Crank with sealed Ball Bearings and a Small Sprocket so its easy to peddle and get up to speed in short spurts to do grinds and tricks.It has a Gyro system to the handle bars can keep turning without any cables tangling up.It also has 14mm axles on some nice perfectly straight rims.The frame is white with mostly black accents on the rest of the bike,It is in excellent condition besides it needing the brake cable that goes from the brake lever to the gyro on the gooseneck.I probally have one somewhere so if its a big deal ill get one put on it.I can get pictures if anyone is interested.This bike is worth over 700 dollars,but im only asking 200 for it as i dont need it anymore and got my use out of it.It would be a great bike for a beginner or someone who is full out bmx'n it.