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01-29-2008, 11:11 AM
Question i have a green slimer that is growing really nice for the past 6 months and i'm not noticing that it is turning white in the middle of the stalk, can tell if its going upward or downward, but all i have done is switch me 14k bulbs to 10k while new ones are being shippend and i removed my glass tops.

This is the only coral that is being affected by change.

Is the difference in light cause this?

01-29-2008, 01:00 PM
Yes it is most likely the cause. I got some sps and I underestimated the power of my T5 bulbs. I lost 1 oft the 3 that I picked up. I am very new to acros and I find that they are very sensitive to light changes.

Move it lower in the tank where it will not get sand or debris in it and let it acclimate for a week or so. This is my advice.

Keep in mind i am VERY new to acros and am only telling you about my personal experience.

I bought a mili and it began to turn sour. I moved it to the sandbed and after two weeks the polyps are coming out and new growth has started. In other words I saved it by moving it lower in the tank.

PLEASE make sure to get other opinions before you make the changes I have just suggested.

01-29-2008, 01:23 PM
Yes, if you are noticing some bleaching, the cause is more than likely your lighting change. Anytime you change your light from something less kelvin to higher kelvin, you run this risk - especially with SPS. Because of this, it is really important to acclimate your corals to higher Kelvins or wattage (175W to 250W for example). The most common form of acclimation is simply cutting back on the hours you keep the halides on and gradually increasing as the weeks go by. You mentioned you are waiting on new bulbs...What wattage, kelvin and brand are they as compared to your 14k's?

Also, you should post your water params - Mg, calc and Alk

01-29-2008, 01:37 PM
i had 14k hamilton and they were getting old so i switched to some backup bulbs of 10k reeflux.

My water parameters are consistant with ca 450,alk 8.5, mg ?
with parameter consistant i didnt think it was a concern but since it happened when i switched bubls, but didnt no it was going to happen, never switched bulbs with SPS

01-29-2008, 02:08 PM
It could be either bleaching or rapid new growth. Examine the coral at night with a flashlight to see if the polyps are extended in that area or not. If yes, the coral may be growing a new branch and the tip can be white in color. However, if you see no polyp extension and/or confirm that the flesh of the coral is falling off in that area, then your coral is bleaching and should be fragged to save what you can.

01-29-2008, 05:03 PM
Your ALK is a little low - should be somewhere between 9-11dkh. Also, if you are going to keep SPS, you need to check your Mg level - its very important - Mg level should be between 1290 and 1350.