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12-10-2003, 04:19 PM
Does anyone know where I can find either percs or GS clowns? I was hoping to buy from a local breeder at a reasonable price. I would also like to find a couple anemones for them. Any help would be great.

12-10-2003, 07:41 PM
Will a juggler work? http://www.JugglerDave.com Just a gratuitous advertisment. Seriously a bunch of people are trying to breed them so if you're patient you can probably get a good deal on some healthy fish.

Juggler Dave

12-11-2003, 04:10 PM
Thanks Dave,

I didn't have the cash when the clown group order was going on so I missed out. Guess I'll just have to be patient or get them from Jack's.


12-11-2003, 08:42 PM
We also have a whole bunch of Tank-Raised clowns right now at Wet Pets.

We have about 3 dozen of the Perculas and about a dozen of the Sebaes.

We also have some Maroons and Gold-Striped Maroons right now as well as a couple of mated pairs.

(513) 931-7387

12-20-2003, 06:24 PM
I saw some little false percs (Amphiprion ocellaris) at Monforts for 16$. The average I've seen is 15$ or so with the odd 30$ baby clowns (JAF.. anyone surprised?)

Jugglerdave.. Didnt see anything on your site about clowns. Thats cool that its a christian juggling act though :)


12-20-2003, 10:44 PM
Thanks for all the info. I purchased a pair of Percs from Wetpets on Thursday for $25. Great looking fish! Good color and about 1.5-2". They have some of the most amazing corals I've seen around here including my favorite, Elegance! Thanks again Nick.

12-20-2003, 11:49 PM
Bob, I hope they are tank raised :D

At this point in time in our hobby, all clowns that are purchased and for that matter, sold in stores should be tank raised since all the species available are commercially raised.

12-20-2003, 11:57 PM
Amen to that greg. Heck, from what I am seeing it looks like most soft corals are prolific enought to preclude them from wild harvesting as well. I'd love to see this indistry move towards being self-sustaining for the most part. Aqua-cultured rock, tank raised corals and fish. I've read that some of the more difficult to raise open water fish (tangs, etc) seem to replinish on the reefs quite fast with proper harvesting technique and adaquate habitat.


12-21-2003, 12:22 AM

You are right. In 10 years, 80%+ of what stores will carry will all be cultured. Now a days, lots of corals are fragged in tanks, clams, fish, inverts, and such. Within the last few years, several people have had success with dwarf angels and several other species.

Below is a very short list of CB fish. Last count I have seen is about 80 or so total for commercial/semi-commercial scales. Hard and soft corals make up hundreds of options and I cant even count mushrooms and zoos because they are 1000's

P. kauderni Banggai Cardinal
A. ocellaris False Percula Clownfish
A. frenatus Tomato Clownfish
A. melaopus Cinnamon Clownfish
A. Clarkii Clarkii Clownfish
A. percula Percula True Clownfish
P. biaculeatus Maroon Clownfish
G. oceanops Neon Goby
H. species Seahorses
A. sandracinos Orange Skunk Clownfish
A. polymnus Saddle Back Clownfish
A. perideraion Pink Skunk Clownfish
P. fridmani Orchid Dottyback
S. splendidus Mandarin Fish
P. coelestis Blue Devil Damsel
A. saxatilis Sargent Major
C. altivelis Comet
O. aurifrons Yellowhead Jawfish
E. lanceolatus Highhat
C. loriculus Flame Angel
Neon Dottyback - Pseudochromis aldabrensis
Sunrise Dottyback - P. flavivertex
Springeri dottyback - P. springeri
Yellow dottyback - P. olivaceous
Red Head Goby - G. puncticulatus
Goldline Goby - G. Randallii
Genie Goby - Gobiodon genie
Green Banded Goby - G. multifaciatum
Yellow Clown Goby - G. okinawae
Citron Goby - G. citrinus
Royal grammas - Grammas loreto