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11-22-2003, 08:16 PM
I just made my first trip to Just About Fish over on Montgomery and Kember. I'd like to complement the staff there. I'm sorry I didn't get names. If you follow these threads, I was the father with two unruly little boys. ;-)

The store was large and clean. I was impressed by how many "display" tanks they had (as opposed to a not to be named local chain with only one display planted and one display reef tank). There were only three staff working, but all seemed knowledgeable and able to talk about the fish, corals, and equipment without any hesitation. Also, the "standard" measurement was good: there were no floaters. :-)

I know they are a LFS, but I was disappointed their prices on dry goods seemed high. I was looking at protein skimmers and lighting fixtures. They had a good supply of lighting fixtures in stock. However, prices on the internet seem much lower. Maybe I'm over stating it; I'm not sure.

They had an excellent selection of corals and fish. Seeing as how close they are to my house (probably 10 or 15 miles) I'll probably end up buying most of my livestock from there.

I know these guys are a "sponsor" and probably get all kinds of comments on this forum. I thought I'd go ahead and post my impressions.

Oh, BTW, they had a used 265 gallon tank their for sale with stuff for a freshwater setup (not drilled though) for about $1600.

11-22-2003, 09:31 PM
I would agree with your comment of their prices. I also think it is a great store but I would never buy dry goods from them because they are overpriced (I assume because they are in Montgomery and rent must be high).
They do have a good selection of fish that seem healthy but again, they are at times 2x the amount of other LFS. When I first started to go to the store (which was when they were at the smaller spot next store), the prices were very reasonable and I had always gone there for livestock. Since they moved, I have not bought a single fish from them because of the pricing.

12-06-2003, 02:37 PM
JAF is a great store. I agree that the prices are a little bit out of this world, but the staff is great. I really wish that Matthew was back though. :( He was great.

One wierd thing that always interested me is that they don't believe in using RO/DI systems. They use tap water...........thier tap must be better than mine. 8)

Good place to shop though.

Jeremy E
12-06-2003, 09:33 PM
Good place to look, maybe buy live stock. You guy couldn't be more right on dry goods. Man they should just show customers their rent payment and just ask for donations! :lol: I don't even bother to look at the tank setups anymore unless they are unique. I will go to Aquarium Adventure if I want to pay those prices. I think they have earned it but not JAF. Didn't know that about the tap water Ryebread. Are you sure that don't run it through a deionzer at least. I am sure they use diatom to polish once a week to. I have seen that done and it works well. VERY knowledgeable people though I must say. Jeremy

12-07-2003, 10:24 PM
I live less than a mile from JAF and yes they're wonderful! If I have any questions, or if I'm just bored, I know I can go in there and talk to fellow fish nerds, since my family thinks I'm crazy and doesn't really want to hear about another one of my tanks :wink:

About the tap water thing....I have always used tap water for water exchages, etc. and have never had a problem. I guess our area just has awesome tap water, cuz my fish have always done great!

12-07-2003, 11:44 PM
This is a somewhat off topic...

Tap water is more than likely OK, but I would suggest that you get a TDS meter and monitor it. TDS meters are cheap and really easy to use. My Tap water is reading about 150 which is really pretty good, however I still use RO/DI which has a TDS of 1.

From time to time something can happen to your water supply at the water plant, maybe a broken water main, or who knows when you could have a huge spike in TDS. When something like this happens you can always run down to Kroger and get some RO water.... bring your TDS meter though :D

Russ, a club member sells TDS (http://www.buckeyefieldsupply.com/showproducts.asp?Category=42&Sub=1) meters and can bring them to meetings.

12-14-2003, 10:05 PM
Was in JAF today and I have to agree, I love the help (there so, well, helpful). But my gosh the prices are out of this world!! 5$ each for blue leg hermits, 10-23$ a lb for live rock and 5$ a lb for live sand. Those prices are so incredibly out of here that if I was setting up anything over 10 gallons I would save tons by going mail order on the livestock!

20lbs live rock (medium quaility): 200$!!
10lbs Live sand (nice stuff): 50$

Tampabay saltwater:
20lbs live rock encrusted with corals: 120$ (better than JAFs 23$ rock)
10lbs live sand: 20$
Shipped Delta Dash first flight from tampa to cincinnati: 45$

65$ cheaper to buy it from TBS shipped first flight in *water!*. so the animals are in transit less than 6 hours (guestimate from dealing with Delta Dash).

I loved going into JAF but man, those prices are nuts. I'm setting up a 5.5 and would be fine with 7$ a lb for the medium stuff and up to 13$ for the really pretty corraline rock he has, but 22.99$?


Jeremy E
01-13-2004, 10:21 PM
Just to show you about their service though! George Rocks!! I brought my Berlin hang on skimmer in and George and Jeremy trouble shooted it and like to doctors they had the answer in minutes!! I was missing the Venturi cone inside the inlet!! Never noticed it and if I wasn't looking for it I would have never found it. Not mentioned in the book either. I didn't even half to buy anything to get that service!! :shock: Now what about that! :D Love those guys.
Now I bought livestock why I was there twice in the last two weeks! 1 lawnmower blenny which might I add is the size of my middle finger for $25.00, 2 camel shrimp, which were huge for $5.00 a piece. Doing great. Lawnmowers lips are all over the back glass and my apastia is disapppearing! Couldn't ask for more.
I went back and got a Mandern goby as well, who is also huge in size and might I add colorfull as he**. Man what do you guys feed these things!! 8)

Anyways just wanted to give them a plug for awesome service for a product I didn't even buy from them!!

04-09-2004, 10:04 AM
I just felt the need to add, as others have, that I have truly enjoyed my experiences at JAF. Jeremy, George, Dave and (in his day) Matthew are great to work with--VERY knowledgable, patient with my newbie questions, and fun to get-to-know.

Prices may be a bit higher on some items, but I have, for the most part, decided that you can't put a price on expertise and trust.

The staff have patiently worked with me through my 10-gal saltwater set-up, then my move to 75-gal. They have helped me with set-up issues and tank noise issues by walking-me-thru DIY procedures and, at times, coming to my house to do it for me!

I also have received some great deals, on occasion, I think because they know I am a loyal customer. I won't say that I've never bought anything anywhere else, but its usually for the reason of variety, not price.

You also can't beat the 24-hour hotline help!!! Yes, I'll admit to calling it a few times-- in a panic--as I watched an anemone dying, or fish diseases I was not yet aware of, etc. Who else will do that for you?